How To Clean Grout Around Toilet

When most homes are finished these days and the toilet is installed in the bathroom, the finishers will usually apply grout around the base of the toilet in the same way that they apply grout to ceramic tiles inside the tub or on the backsplash above the sink. This is a time-saving measure for them and will actually be a benefit to the homeowner because it is relatively easy to keep grout in these areas clean and nice to look at.

Do not worry too much about how to clean grout around toilet. It is not a difficult process at all. In just a few simple steps, you can keep this area of your bathroom nice looking and sanitary.

The grout at the base of the toilet tends to become stained from urine drips. It can also be a place where mould will grow because it is often damp and mould loves that kind of environment.

Whenever one is attempting to deal with the issue of how to clean grout around toilet the first stop they should make is to a hardware store in their neighborhood. There they should pick up any of the oxygenated bleach products that the store has for sale. The best type of these products is one called OxyClean. If you use this product, your worries of how to clean grout around toilet should easily dissipate.

If you decide to opt instead for making your own version of an oxygenated bleaching product, combine ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide with 1 ½ cups of water. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray liberally on the grout that you wish to clean. Allow to stay for about fifteen minutes so that you will receive the maximum benefit before scrubbing. Then, with a stiff bristle brush, scrub the grout for about fifteen minutes. This will certainly get the attention of your muscles but this is the best method for addressing the problem of how to clean grout around toilet.

Other people use baking soda to clean the grout around their toilets. To use this method which has very good results, sprinkle the stained area heavily with baking soda. Then with a spray bottle, dampen this area with some vinegar. It is the combination of the cleaning power of the baking soda combined with the acidic qualities of the vinegar that is working with this method. Allow this mixture to stay on the grout for about fifteen minutes and then scrub with a stiff bristle brush.

Steam cleaning is another good way for removing stains on grout but using this method to address your problem of how to clean grout around toilet may be a bit tricky because it is not easily accessible for a steam cleaning machine. The best way to tackle grout stains around a toilet with steam is to use a steam iron. Fill it with water and turn on the steam setting. Place the iron near the grout stains and allow it to steam for about five minutes. Then wipe the dirt and stains away with a damp cloth.

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